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In times of uncertainty and change, the FutureDeck brings a set of cards and methods for you and your friends, students, clients, to tell & play through stories from the future. Go head-to-head, or come up with your own (game) rules, and speculate on silly and serious future products, movie plots, TV shows, ad campaigns, songs, dances, architectures, fashion trends, graphic novels, breaking news, and, if you’re ready for it: absolute world domination.

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Photos © 2015 Rosella Mills, Sandra Jacques.

What To Expect

  • Features 126 high quality, 310g full color print poker-size playing cards, and a 4-page instructions booklet, all tucked neatly into a FutureDeck card box.
  • Endorsed by Deloitte Centre for the Edge Australia, flanked by research from RMIT University’s GEElab.
  • Playfully, seeks to inspire entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box, reflective mindsets, and to facilitate for a fun (and oftentimes, silly) group and/or duo player activity to invent new possible, probable, plausible and impossible products.
  • Next to default rule sets, invites players to create own games, topics, objectives and futures.
  • Tried and tested audiences include e.g. design & tech conferences; educators & students; research & innovation leaders; university programs concerned with design & tech; entrepreneurs, activists and start-ups; creative agencies; and everyone caring about our futures. That could be ... YOU!
  • The FutureDeck can be customized, e.g. by adding your brand to the cards' backs, or by designing cards and rules translating your specific assets, technologies, impacts, values and objectives. For batch pricing and for customized versions of the FutureDeck, as well as workshops, please inquire via Email to oracle@futuredeck.net.

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FutureDeck: A Set Of Cards To Play & Tell Stories From The Future

The FutureDeck has been developed by Dr Steffen P Walz, an Associate Professor at RMIT University in Melbourne, originally under the moniker Deck Future Australia. The FutureDeck is a „What If?“ set of cards and, sneakily, a playful, speculative innovation tool that lets you invent convergent products for this prosperous, prospective world. Shaking up growth areas from Deloitte's Building the Lucky Country report with key technologies and impacts — amongst the latter, albeit on a less serious note: Zombies!, Beauty, Armageddon, and select political leaders — this set of cards and methods can help playfully spawn as well as challenge the next level of creative ideas, against your set of objectives, whilst assessing how ethical the outcomes might be. The FutureDeck can also be used to create absolutely ridiculous endeavours with your new product, movie plot, fashion item or party theme – if that feels like a better pastime for the future.

Who is already playing the FutureDeck?

Organizations from around the world are using the FutureDeck already and/or have commissioned us to run FutureDeck workshops, including:

  • Deloitte Centre for the Edge Australia & Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Australia.
  • University of St. Gallen's Executive School, Switzerland.
  • City of Melbourne's CityLab, Australia.
  • University of Canberra's Faculty of Arts and Design, Australia.
  • City of Karlsruhe's SmarterCity initiative, Germany.
  • bizplay conference, Germany.
  • Department of Education and Training, Victoria, Australia.
  • Game Developers' Association of Australia.
  • Code for Australia's Government Academy.
  • Public Relations Institute of Australia's National Conference.


“FutureDeck cards provoke and fuse visions of incredible, rarely seen, speculative futures. These scenarios make us both see the world with wide-eyed optimism and then colour that world in with mad possibility. The cards train us to think spontaneously and intuitively and without the constraints that normally impede innovative ideation. And they help us laugh together, build on ideas and understand better the perspectives of our colleagues and friends. The world needs more FutureDeck thinking.”

Dave King, Strategy Director, The Royals, Melbourne & Sydney